For Sobrais, nothing is more important than developing its activity based on values such as transparency, responsibility and credibility. Therefore, aware of the relevance of the implementation of a Quality Management System within the scope of its activity, Sobrais defines its Quality Policy in a set of principles.

The Quality Policy is disclosed and assured by the communication of the same with its delivery to all employees, in addition to its posting, so as to be participated to all who, in some way, collaborate with Sobrais. Know the pillars on which our Quality Policy is based:

• Conduct its activities and processes, in order to achieve and maintain the overall satisfaction of customers, meeting their requirements;

• Commitment to the implementation and fulfillment of the requirements of the Quality Management System, according to the NP EN ISO 9001 standard, continuously improving its effectiveness;

• Encourage the involvement of employees in order to obtain continuous improvement of their activities and processes of the Quality Management System;

• Develop an environment of partnership and involvement with its suppliers in order to ensure that the requirements of Sobrais, as well as those of its customers, are met.