A commitment

For Sobrais, nothing is more important than developing its activity based on values ​​such as transparency, responsibility and credibility. In this sense, aware of the relevance of implementing a Quality Management System within the scope of the activity it carries out, Sobrais defines its Quality Policy translated into a set of principles.

The Quality Policy is disclosed and ensured by its communication, with its delivery to all employees, in addition to its posting, so that it can be shared with everyone who in some way collaborates with Sobrais.

Discover the pillars
on which our Quality Policy is based:


Guide its activities and processes, in order to achieve and maintain global customer satisfaction, meeting their requirements;


Commitment to implementing and complying with the requirements of the Quality Management System, according to the NP EN ISO 9001 standard, continually improving its effectiveness;


Encourage the involvement of employees, in order to obtain continuous improvement of their activities and processes of the Quality Management System;


Develop an environment of partnership and involvement with its Suppliers in order to ensure that Sobrais’ requirements, as well as those of its customers, are met.




Sobrais' mission is to manufacture and repair radiators for the industrial machinery and equipment sector, complying with applicable standards, regulations and legislation.


Sobrais aims to be recognized as a reference company that produces and provides services with quality and efficiency, promoting a relationship of trust with customers and employees. Invest in the development and continuous updating of employees and partners, with the aim of achieving efficient strategies in the production and repair of products suited to customer needs.


Sobrais' values ​​are based on honesty, loyalty and reliability towards our customers, suppliers and employees.